Tag: Spire


  • Spire's Collapse

    Emissar Typhon enraged and alienated himself from the ordained power of the Warden. In his brutality and warmongering Spire lost the support of the Warden, and a schism was created. While Spire did not have an official claim as peacekeepers of GeArcanum …

  • Spire's Disgrace

    Emissar Typhon's brutality of the other races caused Spire to lose its official standing as enforcers of the law for [[Bastaliade]].

  • Fall of Spire

    After the death of Emissar Typhon and his son. Spire declared war upon the nonhuman races of [[Ketril]]. Without Emissar Typhon's guidance the Spire forces were defeated by the technological superiority of the other races and the humans who choose to go …

  • Spire

    The highest tier of Bastaliade. A sun scorched land decimated by the war. Currently its being picked apart by scavengers and constant battles over territory. The once towering building have mostly collapsed and some broken and defaced statues litter …