Tag: Lawful Evil


  • Humanus Authority /LE

    Humanus Authority (Spire humans)/LE Description: Domains - Community, Evil, Law, Strength, War Subdomains - Home, Devil (Rakshasa), Ferocity, Blood Symbol: Tattoo of the oath Classes -

  • Typhon Legacy

    Type: [[Scripture]] with Pseudo-Deity worship of Typhon (M) Alignment: Lawful Evil Domains: Community, Evil, Law, Strength, War Subdomain: Home, Devil (Rakshasa), Ferocity, Blood Favored Weapon: Trident Description: Describes the humans place as …

  • Daughters of Yath

    Type: [[Deity]] Deity worship of [[Yath]] Alignment: Lawful Evil Domains: Artifice, Evil, Law, Darkness, Rune Subdomain: Favored Weapon: Description: Reverence in the destructive power of technology. Many members of the [[Cog Barons]] are …