Iron Fall

Corruption -1; Crime -2; Economy -5; Law -4; Lore -1; Society -5
Qualities Insular
Danger +20; Disadvantages Hunted
Government Autocracy
Population 74 (Kobold 19, Tengu 17, Human 15 (4 player characters), Etterling 12 (1 Player Character), Ironbound 7 (1Player character)
Notable NPC’s
Chronicler Albrich
Crematorian Elsbar
Crematorian Dunwicket
Mystic Coaltail
Elder Sarne Griffinfang
Base Value 400; Purchase Limit 2,500; Spellcasting 3rd
Minor Items +1 weapon, Ring of Jumping, +1 Leather armor, +1 weapon, Magic Weapon potion, Wand of Alarm, Elixir of Swimming; Medium Items -; Major Items -

The settlement used to be much larger but with the war, malicious fey that have taken residence, and the settlements own insular personality the habitable section has become surrounded by a ghost town of buildings. The settlement itself manages to get buy through with the help of the Griffinfang Kobold Mining Clans. The city hasn’t received any assistance from the Warden Acolytes and continues on mostly content without them. A relatively good sized lake sits in the middle of the settlement surrounded by the last few residents.

The people are celebrating the last week of light before the settlement is eclipsed by Spire; It is currently 3 days away. The malicious fey that dwell in the sinkhole of the town use the time the settlement is eclipsed to hunt the citizens. It is a dangerous time for the people and the celebration may also be the last time people will see each other.

Wanted Springheel Jack
Crematorian’s Endeavor

Iron Fall

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