Tag: Warden


  • Warden Badge

    The badge can detect branded creatures within 60 ft.. 1/day the badge can be used to cast locate creature. The badge is bound to one person and its abilities can only be activated by that person and when it is worn.

  • Warden Greatclubs

    Characters devoted or are a part of the Warden factions use greatclubs as their preferred weapons. However these weapons are modified and typically look like two handed gavels. Some higher ranking officers are given special gavels that can use fascinate …

  • Warden Acolytes

    Type: Genderless Deity Alignment: Lawful Neutral Domains: Glory, Law, Nobility, Protection, Sun Subdomain: Honor, Inevitable, Leadership, Defense, Light Favored Weapon: Greatclub (War Gavel) Description: A direct connection to the Warden. They …

  • The Mechanized Awakening

    After [[Spire's Disgrace]] a rise in constructs and technological devices spread throughout [[Bastaliade]]. Stretches of railing were placed and routes of caverns were carved out for a long interconnecting pathways to connect the settlements. In …

  • Tytan

    Golems made for the settlements to reinforce high ranking warden acolytes. The constructs heavy a cannon like gun as an arm; A canister on their back is built as a personalized jail cell for creatures the golems capture.

  • The Warden

    An entity living on the planet Bastaliade revolves around. The entity broke free of its prison on the planet causing the eruption. Using its acolytes as a way to influence Bastiliade.