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  • The Collapse of Spire

    The defeat of the human forces drastically altered Infinyte. Spire itself has been reduced to rubble slowly being picked apart by treasure hunters, land disputes, warlords, and thieves. Human laws are separate from the normal laws, and if a human is …

  • Timeline of GeArcanum's evolution

    1st Phase: Infinyte Prison lands rotating around a Jupiter sized jail. Very early technology and Artifact like guns. Creation of Spire as the official peacekeepers of Infinyte corrupted by power. 2nd Phase: Infinyte became a collection of a layered …

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  • Spire's Disgrace

    Emissar Typhon's brutality of the other races caused Spire to lose its official standing as enforcers of the law for [[Bastaliade]].

  • Fall of Spire

    After the death of Emissar Typhon and his son. Spire declared war upon the nonhuman races of [[Ketril]]. Without Emissar Typhon's guidance the Spire forces were defeated by the technological superiority of the other races and the humans who choose to go …

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    [[Creation of Bastaliade]] [[Spire's Disgrace]] [[Fall of Spire]] [[The Mechanized Awakening]]