Human? Chelsea


A towering and shadowy figure, most refer to the Executioner as him. No one has seen his face nor heard him speak yet there are whispers that his skin is permanently stained with the blood of both the innocent and the guilty, thus warping him into his small and twisted shape hidden by a robe blacker than night itself. Others say that he has coated himself in his victim’s skin in order to shroud himself from the Gods and his uncaring cruelty. The bottom half of his robe is permanently stained with blood and he is never seen without his mighty axe, sharp and ready for it’s next victim. Depending on the nature of the crime the axe is dulled or sharpened based on the whim of those who decide who is right and wrong. Some say he cannot speak, and will not in order to make prisoners lose hope and abandon requests for mercy. All that is known about his actual physical appearance is that he has long curly black/brown hair that falls from his hood from time to time. A widow of one of his later found innocent victims was driven to madness by hearing his laugh according to her family members. She claimed it was a high, raspy, quiet laugh that she heard through her window from dusk till the dawn of her husband’s execution.



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